Hi, I'm Paul Potnuru

This is a place for my stuff

About Me

I am currently a chief resident in anesthesiology at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami

Clinical Anesthesiology

As a physician anesthesiologist, my main priority is the provision of excellent patient care that is safe, personalizedand evidence-based

Healthcare Informatics

I have a deep research interest in utilizing big data from electronic medical records (EMR) to improve patient outcomes and add value to healthcare delivery systems


I am interested in optimizing the integration of technology and healthcare delivery with a focus of improving provider and patient experiences

Impact of State Legislation on Opioid Prescriptions

Opioid Project

Improving Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting (PONV) Prevention

PONV Project

Automatic ACGME Case Logging in Anesthesiology Residency

ACGME Case Logs Project

Professional Affiliations